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Jul 17, 2020

This episode is a must for any female to listen to, whether you've been personally affected by breast cancer or not. Much of my work involves understanding my client's own unique biochemistry, as this is fundamental to addressing the root cause of illness, so I was delighted when my friend and colleague Dawn Waldron agreed to have a conversation with me about her work in the field of breast cancer, because I know she shares this passion. Her experience and insights demonstrate perfectly why it is so important that we approach health from a personalised point of view. It was an absolute joy chatting to Dawn about all things hormones (one of my favourite subjects) and about the benefits of working collaboratively with other health care professionals to provide a really powerful approach to supporting women through breast cancer treatment and beyond. This episode also provides practical information about how you can support your own hormone and immune health too.

Dawn is a leading UK nutritional therapist and life coach, specialising in breast cancer. Her popular workshops condense twenty-two years of survivor wisdom and sixteen years of clinical experience into a few hours of life-changing information. After graduating with distinction from the Institute of Optimum Nutrition in 2004, Dawn joined the education team and went on to teach at the institute for 5 years while building her practice. Since 2009 she has been in full-time practice, training in functional medicine and completing a postgraduate certificate in Personalised Nutrition in 2017. Dawn has gained a profound understanding of cancer as a metabolic disease through her work with breast cancer patients and now wants to take the message to a larger audience; she brings a unique blend of humour, warmth and insight to her work and this is really evident in our conversation today.

I really hope you find this episode as inspirational to listen to as I found to have with Dawn in person. Do join me on Instagram @nicolamoorenutrition for further conversation and updates! You can also visit my website to find out more about my work.